Cost Estimating

Tracking and refining your projects costs through design



Preliminary Estimate

Establishing a realistic construction budget from the start is crucial to a successful project. We prepare our preliminary cost estimations prior to commencing conceptual design by estimating square footages, linear feet, material finishes, and more into our excel formulas to achieve a realistic budget range, and guidelines to design within.



Conceptual Estimate

With our first conceptual designs complete, we refine our Preliminary Cost Estimations further with the actual quantities based on the Conceptual Plan. At this point we have started to select potential finish materials and have a better understanding of site element costs. At this stage we hope to be within 20% of Studio H preferred contractor bids.



Final Estimate

With the Construction Documentation phase complete we have now selected most of the finish materials such as the type of stone or wood, as well as a thorough understanding of how the site elements are to be built. The Conceptual Estimate is refined further based on actual Landscape Contractor estimations. We aim to be within 10% - 15% of the Client's budget at this stage.