3D Site Scanning

Site 3D scanning & measurements with new Lidar technology



Lidar Technology

Studio H is one of the first in the industry to be using the latest Lidar 3D scanners for 3D documentation of existing building, hardscape, and plant material. The scanner projects millions of laser points within a 200' radius to create a ``point cloud``.



Thermal Scanning

Not only does the laser scanner create a 3D map of the site, it additionally performs a thermal scan of the site. The thermal scan can be used to indicate hot and cool zones throughout the property which may require special attention during design.




The 3D scans, and 360 panoramic photos, of the site have quickly become an incredible design resource for the team. At anytime our designers can ``walk`` through the space in 3D or via virtual reality to view views, privacy concerns as well as design opportunities.